Community Partners - Foreign Credential Recognition

Community Partners


Vancity- Vancity was founded in 1946 to provide financial services to people from all walks of life.  Vancouver City Savings Credit Union, commonly referred to as Vancity, is a member-owned financial co-operative.  By asset size, Vancity is the largest community credit union in Canada as of 2017, with $26.4 billion in assets, 59 branches and more than 525,506 members.

BC Plan

BCplan - Is a network of organization and individuals who have come together from across the province. Together they promote increased access to post secondary credentials and skilled employment. This informal network includes representatives from post secondary institutions, provincial government, sector councils, and individuals working with adult learners in the public, private and voluntary sectors.


Asttbc- Was established in 1958 their mission is serve the public by regulating and supporting Technology Professionals’ commitment to a safe, healthy, and sustainable society and environment. Asttbc regulates the standards of training and practice of and for its members and protects the interests of the public.