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Foreign Credential Recognition Program

Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loan Program helps Internationally Trained Professionals to get back into their professional field or an alternative related career field.

The program also offers a loan amount up to $15,000 depending on the process, to cover the cost of credentialing along with a flexible repayment schedule.


Foreign Credential Recognition

FCR Sectors


This sector is for any Internationally Trained Professional in the health care such as Dentist, Physiotherapist, Nurses etc.

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This sector is for any Internationally Trained Professional in Education such as Professors, Teachers, Counsellors etc.

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This sector is for Internationally Trained Professional in Technology such as Engineers, Architects, Information Technologists etc.

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I have worked with several institutions for learning and employment, and FCR is one of the best among the service agencies. They went directly toward the problems without wasting time, and by helping me to plan and making the necessary appointments, they helped me achieve my current goals. At each stage, Meena was patient and diligent in providing explanations and sending me well-timed information and answers.  A great technology advisor, Jacqueline, also provided me with valuable and helpful information on related courses and resources. I wish these folks and this institution success.  

PICS FCR is one of the best among the service agencies.

"I want to thank the FCR Program for helping me with my Career Action Plan and credential assessment.  I have received my credential evaluation report and has been accepted in the Teacher Assistant program at Surrey Community College. I feel very happy with my enrolment and today I will be attending my first class. I really appreciate the work of my counsellor and FCR program. This has given me the opportunity to settle back in my related career."  

"The staff of FCR program is fantastic, very professional and made sure I got the help I needed. With FCR loan amount,  I am able to pay my rent and other expenses while completing my addiction counselling practicum to become an addiction counsellor. These FCR services has  provided me with the opportunity to concentrate on my practicum".

" When I met the FCR counsellor in Vancouver, I had no idea about this program (FCR). She explained everything to me in a very detailed manner. I highly appreciate the time she spent to take me through the program and helping me with the application process. FCR counsellor made the process super easy and quick for me. Her experience and knowledge benefited me to choose the right option. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking to get low interest loan with minimum hassles. After getting the loan approval, I am financially more confident and able to concentrate on my studies than worrying about the fees. Thank you Meena and her team !"

"My sincere thanks to PICS and my Counsellor whom I met @Vancouver Job Fair. With my counsellor’s guidance and career action plan, I decided to take the Instructional skills workshop in Victoria. I used the FCR loan to get my credentials evaluation and to pay the fee of ISW workshop. PICS paid for my travel expenses and as a result of this program, I am working part-time as an assistant instructor at a community college. Sincere thanks to the FCR program and my counsellor".

"I want to take this opportunity to thank my career counsellor Meena, and the FCR loan program for their amazing role in facilitating loans to new comers for continuing studies. They are amazingly fast and provide help and support to anyone who plans to get their foreign credentials evaluated. My experience with Meena was great, the loan process was very fast and I accessed the money with little to no wait. The FCR program is very helpful for any one who is eligible and I highly recommend going through them.Thanks again Meena and FCR  loan program."

The Foreign Credential Recognition program helped me to pay for my MCCQE II, ILETS and other certifications. T as well as some upkeep as I had to to my clinical trainee program which was an unpaid position so I definitely needed help. The process was smooth, the staff were polite and kind and the Loan was approved in no time. Thank you FCR loan program. I won’t forget this.

Since I came to Canada 2014, I was trying to find a way to prove myself. To be a dentist in Canada is costly. However, I had to go this hard way, I started already doing my exams, successfully finished two of them but It was hard for me to go to the last step without the FCR program. They helped me a lot, by giving me clear clues about my main plan as well as the alternative ones. When I applied for the loan, in less than 24h, I got the approval and in less than 3 days, the money was already in my account, ready to go. When you get the loan, theoretically, you think job is done.  No, it did not. FCR program will be still supporting you tremendously by sending you all the events and the opportunities that might be helpful for you. I’m really grateful for them and without them, I would not be able to move forward Big Thank you"

I feel by my heart that I was so lucky that PICS staff had saved my e-mail after I visited their desk in a job fair and had a short conversation with them. I immigrated to Canada with a 25 year experience of being a clinical psychiatrist and at the same time an associate professor of psychiatry. Although it was distressing to fell behind all my brilliant professional history, but to support my family financially I employed as a driver in my entry career to Canadian job market. I had given up to follow my dream of being a psychiatrist in Canada because of having no support by the time that I was informed about the “FCR Loan Program” by the compassionate and hardworking PICS office members. I appreciate greatly the staff’s efforts and especially Meena Verma kind advices, notifications, and follow ups for providing me the loan. Meena helped me to have my confidence back and directed me to go for my genuine and beloved profession of psychiatry by registering for MCCQ exams and working hard for it.

I would like to thank you Meena for all the efforts you have made in order to facilitate obtaining my FCR loan. I highly appreciate the care, efficiency, and support you have shown. I landed in BC two months ago, and now I am able to start my certificate equivalency process smoothly. So would like to thank PICS for their efforts in helping new comers, and I recommend PICS-FCR program for those who seek a reliable source for financial support.

My experience with FCR programme has been exceptionally good . They truly understand the struggle of immigrants and help you at each step in your professional journey. The staff is super friendly. I got an appointment with ‘Meena Verma ‘ right away and she  worked so efficiently to get my  loan approved for the exams in order to practice dentistry in Canada . I will highly recommend this programme to all the professionals seeking some sort of financial help. Can’t thank them enough for the wonderful job they do. .

I immigrated to Canada from India in December 2018, with a graduation degree in B.TECH as a leather technician. I have done a minor project in leather wallet manufacturing and its marketing in India. Being a newcomer in Canada, I wanted to further enhance my education as a leather technician and a career opportunity in it but finance was a major concern. Then, one of my family friends informed me about the FCR Loan Program in PICS Surrey and there I met FCR Career Counsellor Manmeet, who helped me in addressing all my concerns related to achieving my career goals.  She explained to me all about FCR program & how it will help me in getting back to my career field. She enrolled me to FCR program and referred me to 3 workshops which helped me to connect to the leather industry in BC. Also, I got financial assistance from FCR program wherein I took the loan to pay for the registration fee, transportation and to get my credentials assessed for my degree. While doing my workshop I got offered a job with the same organization. I thank Manmeet, sincerely and wholeheartedly for the support, advice and general guidance that she has given to me over the past 3 months and would suggest any newcomer looking to get back into their professional field to surely get enrolled in FCR Program. .

Thank you Manmeet so much for helping me arranging finances for my exams. I feel myself lucky that I could contact you. You were so helpful and kind that I instantly connected with you and felt at ease talking to you about all my problems. I immigrated to Canada from India as a skilled worker (professional, Doctor) and as you know, in Canada you have to write all the exams to get license for practicing medicine and the whole process is very expensive. When I received a mail from Ms Raj Brar regarding FCR program, I at once applied for the loan and met her, the very next day and she directed me to you. You were so nice to help me and made the whole process so simple, that at no time I could feel that I am in foreign land. I got the loan within 2 weeks and that also the full amount, which I needed. I feel that I will definitely achieve my desired goal with your help and could serve the Canadian society. I am pleased to share with you that I have cleared my first exam and my next exam is in March 2019 for which I am preparing. Thank you once again for your kind help and my special thanks to Ms Raj Brar also. God bless you all. Span>

ASTTBC was please to be a Gold Sponsor of the 2019 Wood Design Awards and pleased to invite as ASTTBC guests, new provisional member (L) Shakun Singla and (R) Sherene Kurien (application in process). Shakun Singla has a background in Architecture and a Masters in Urban Design from UBC and Sherene Kurien has a background in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Science in Management. Both are part of the PICS FCR Loans program, extremely bright and are seeking their first professional opportunity in Canada. They are pictured here with Jacqueline de Raadt, Manager, Community Relations, ASTTBC.

I was a teacher in middle east and needed some financial supports to evaluate my bachelor and master degrees and become ready for academic IELTS. I applied for FCR loan program and my loan became ready in less than one week. I appreciate Meena Verma in Main street branch for her guidance, help and patience during the process too.

I was impressed with the convenience and streamlined approval process. The process was smooth and I received my funds in a couple of days. It helped me to take first step towards my long term goal to restore myself in my parent profession. The experience was great and FCR Program made me feel valued.    

"I was in a Skills Link Program for youth in PICS when the FCR Loan Program was introduced to me. Being a new immigrant to Canada with an education and work background in the health care industry in the Philippines, I know that I needed to upgrade my foreign credentials in order to legally practice my profession and to be recognized as a Nurse in BC. Upgrading would mean that I need to pass a series of English and licensing examinations before I could be registered in the BCCNP. This brought a financial challenge to me since I had only been starting to settle in Canada and my income was barely enough to meet my family's daily expenses. Thankfully, the FCR staff, especially Manmeet who was my career counselor, were very patient in planning and discussing with me every detail of my career plan and how the program can help me achieve my short- and long-term career goals. The staff were very helpful and even went beyond what was expected of them by reaching out to the nursing regulatory body to clarify any questions and uncertainties that I had. With the FCR Team's full support, I was approved for a loan amounting to $1600, enough to cover my English test preparation course and examination fees, and my NNAS credentials evaluation and registration. It also brought me peace of mind knowing that I will be financially capable to achieve my career goals without having to worry about providing for my family's needs. Just recently, I got hired as a residential support worker and I am excited that I am one step further in the path towards reaching my dream to become an RN in BC. I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunity that PICS and the FCR Loan Program has given me."

“Very pleased, that I chose to go with FCR program through PICS Work BC. As a recent independent skilled immigrant from a regulated profession, starting a new life in Canada was always a big concern for me, especially with limited financial sources, all I know was my journey won’t be easy! I am a registered architect in my home country and the initial stepping stone for finding a job in Canada in a regulated profession was foreign credential recognition. While exploring my other career options in architecture and planning industry to get started, I came across ASTTBC- Applied Science Technologists and Technician Certification body and by the support of my case manager at Work BC, I got in touch with Jacqueline, from ASTTBC and after that one meeting I was pretty confident to apply for my certification and the next step was to figure out the funds required for the same. So, my case manger introduced me to FCR program under the PICS Work BC roof and the staff at FCR program took care of everything right from the micro loan to my application with an expedited approach, and in mere 4 weeks, I was able to apply for the long awaited certification. The program has definitely taken the finance burden and other initial concerns during my transition in Canada. All I want to convey is my genuine thanks to all my path wavers, Ms. Raj Brar, Ms. Minal Chiplunkar, Ms. Jacqueline de Raadt, Vancity and the whole staff at FCR office for being so wonderful and supporting while working towards my ultimate career goals. I can assure my program sponsors and coordinators that they have made a rightful investment, as they were able to see a certified architectural technologist in no time, which is ready to give back to the community through her skills and support. I would definitely recommend every new immigrant to BC, considering FCR program, for their overall career support and development. Thank you for everything!"

"It was a very fast process with Progressive Intercultural Community Services (PICS) and Vancity Bank for the personal loan program. After my application, the process was completed within couple of weeks then I got my loan. Although the loan was not to what I applied, but the rate of interest and processing charges were very much minimal too."

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Are you an Internationally Trained Professional in Health, Education or Technology? Then come to the free information session about the Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Loan Program. It will be from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Please email to reserve your seat.